We are a network of academic specialists at the forefront of data science. We bring cutting-edge analytic methods straight to industry. We are accredited scientists and we have a focus on customer outcome. We know how to deal with the bottleneck of big data and deliver actionable insights to help you sharpen your edge.


Our Mission

 Data and digital information now generate more economic value than the entire global goods trade. We see the incredible potential and opportunity of building bridges between research and industry to generate value from this growing wellspring. We deliver cutting-edge academic data science solutions to help our clients build a competitive and strategic advantage. We use mathematics, statistics and computer science to transform data into usable knowledge and decision-making insight. We help you collect data, extract useful information from your databases and replace guessing with accurate predictions leading to informed real world business decisions. We deliver actionable insights to your organization through data visualization, statistical inference, predictive modeling, machine learning and a wide range of data science techniques.