We are a network of academic specialists at the forefront of data science. We bring cutting-edge analytic methods straight to industry. We are accredited scientists, but we have a focus on customer outcome. We know how to deal with the bottleneck of big data and deliver actionable insights to help you sharpen your edge.



We see the incredible potential and opportunity of building bridges between research and industry. We deliver cutting-edge academic data science solutions to help our clients build a competitive and strategic advantage. We use mathematics, statistics and computer science to transform data into usable knowledge and decision-making insight. We help you collect data, extract useful information from your databases and replace guessing with accurate predictions leading to informed real world business decisions. We deliver actionable insights to your organization through data visualization, statistical inference, predictive modeling, machine learning and a wide range of data science techniques.


Our Team


Davide Ferrari


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Tané  hunter

Tané is a cancer researcher, bioinformatician, and science communication. He works with big data in the biological realm. In 2004 Tane won a US national mountain biking title and was heading for a career as a professional cyclist. Unfortunately, an injury in 2006 brought Tané’s cycling career to an end and he refocused on science, statistics, and viticulture.

Tané is the co-founder of Future Crunch and Lighthouse Data Science. His interest in medical genomics, big data, and evolutionary biology eventually led him to the University of Melbourne where he completed a Masters in Bioinformatics in 2013. He has worked for the Royal Children’s Hospital diagnosing rare genetic diseases in children and is currently completing his PhD at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, using molecular biomarkers and artificial intelligence to better understand, diagnose and improve treatment for people suffering from cancer. He is also an avid sailor, and participates in races around the world.